Hello and a very warm Welcome to the Much Hoole Village Blog.

What you are witnessing is hopefully the start of something big and new and exciting. The modern age of laptops, ipods, googling, and facetube hold the key to keeping us better connected and fully informed…. apparently?!? So here it is – the birth of the electronic equivalent to the local village gossip… our online alternative to the Hoole  Parish notice board…

This is an informal space for anyone affiliated in any way with Much Hoole to get involved. Completely indepentdent form South Ribble or Parish Councils, ‘My Neighbourhood’ or Village Steering Groups – it aims to be anonymous and impartial towards matters of village life and act merely as host to the issues villagers’ feel important to raise and discuss.

This Blog will be an ongoing work in progress. As one discussion is put to rest, several more will have been raised – as is the nature of the beast. There will be constant developments towards new projects and ventures, upcoming events to organize and past events to report about. New news, old news, good news, not so good news, forgot to mention news… the list goes on.

The basic principle of the blog will be to act as our local newsletter. Anything I hear about thats worthy of a paragraph or two (time permitting) will hopefully make it on here. If an event is being organized then there will be no better place to promote it. If an event is being organized there will be no better place to ask for help or advice. Don’t think of it as being a soap box for aggravating negative issues. There is room for complaints and points of view here but the focus is towards rekindling the forgotten community spirit Much Hoole was once so proud of.


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